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3 healthcare professionals map out QIP processes

QIP Navigator is the convenient online tool that allows Ontario’s health care organizations to submit their annual Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs). QIP Navigator is also the source for tools and resources to develop an annual QIP, and includes a searchable database of all previously submitted QIPs.

QIP Navigator:

  • Allows your team to develop and submit your organization’s annual QIP

  • Provides a secure online space for development that only your team can access

  • Minimizes errors to improve data quality

  • Includes a searchable database of all previously submitted QIPs

    • Allows you to search within these QIPs for keywords or indicators of interest

    • Allows you to download QIPs

    • Links to tools and resources to guide QIP development, including guidance documents, reports on previous QIP submissions, videos, and more

The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) program was first implemented in Ontario’s hospitals in 2011, and has been extended to inter-professional primary care organizations, community care access centres, and long-term care homes over the past few years.

A QIP is an organization-owned document that establishes a plan for quality improvement over the coming year. The QIP is designed to be a lever for change on system-wide priority quality issues as well as key issues that are important within each organization. The expectation is for health care organizations to have their QIPs in place, publicly posted, and submitted to Health Quality Ontario by April 1 every year.

To support QIP development and implementation, Health Quality Ontario offers a suite of tools and resources, including guidance documents, comprehensive analyses of previous years’ QIP submissions, web-based learning opportunities, and an online portal that streamlines the QIP submission process. These resources are available under the Resources tab of QIP Navigator.

The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), which came into law in June of 2010, aims to put Ontario's patients first by strengthening the health care sector's organizational focus and accountability to deliver high-quality patient care. QIPs are a key enabler to support this goal. For more information about ECFAA, or to receive regular ECFAA updates, please email ecfaa@ontario.ca.

Health Quality Ontario is an arms-length agency of the Ontario government. We are mandated to monitor and report on how the health system is performing, provide guidance on important quality issues, assess evidence to determine what constitutes optimal care, engage with patients and give them a voice in shaping a quality health system, and promote continuous quality improvement in health care. Visit www.hqontario.ca for more information.